Rock Climbing Products

Climb On Bar skin care ProductsClimb On! – The 100% pure chemical free intensive skin repair system to protect and repair damaged skin caused by rock climbing. Climb On! was formulated for and is used by the gnarliest rock climbers the world has ever seen. If it works for them, we’re sure it will work for you, too!


Rock climbing guidebook holders (sometimes referred to as guidebook covers or pouches) are ideal for protecting your guidebooks, either at the bottom of the crag or whilst on routes. These are ideal when climbing multi-pitch routes as they have a carrying loop attached and can therefore be easily clip to your harness.


Chalk Bags, Chalk and Finger Tape

Chalk, Chalk Bags and Finger Tape.  Buy Petzl chalk bags, along with either chalk balls or block chalk.  Different widths of finger tape are used by rock climbers both for injury protection and prevention. 

Rock Climbing DVDs.  Choose from a wide range of bouldering and rock climbing DVDs.  Watch the world’s greatest rock climbers at the cutting edge of their sport in some of the best locations around the world.