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Rock Climbing in Andalucia and Southern Spain

The southern Spanish region of Andalucia offers many excellent rock climbing venues including the world famous gorge at El Chorro.

The vast majority of the rock climbing within Andalucia is on limestone rock, with the odd crag being either slate or sandstone rock. Virtually all of the routes are bolted though some do require traditional gear such as nuts and cams. With the exception of El Chorro, the routes are mainly single pitch, with the odd 2 or 3 pitch routes available.

Situated only 50 Km inland from Malaga, the rock climbing area of El Chorro consists of a huge gorge, which offers some fantastic rock climbing with its own unique atmosphere. Here alone there are over 650 routes, at all grades and up to 10-pitches long.  Click here for more information on rock climbing at El Chorro.

Map of the main rock Climbing areas in Andalucia

Map of the main rock Climbing areas in Andalucia

To the north and east of Malaga there are several excellent crags other than El Chorro. These include such as Desplomilandia, Torcal de Antequera and Archidona , Turon , and San Bartolo on the coast. Each of these crags offer 100's of bolted sport routes on limestone rock (except San Bartolo which is sandstone), and across a good range of grades.   Click here to find more information about rock climbing around Malaga.

There is some good rock climbing around Granada and then further south to the coast, where there are 8 significant crags with well over 600 routes across all grades. The largest is Los Cahorros just south of Granada, with over a dozen buttresses forming a bowl at the end of a valley. Here there is a good selection of multi-pitch and single pitch sports routes.  Click here to find out more information about rock climbing around Granada.

Around Cadiz there are a number of crags, with the largest being San Bartolo, Benaocaz, and Grazalema.  San Bartolo is the most extensive crag with around 250 routes, whilst Grazalema is the most impressive with multi-pitch routes up to 230m long. Click here to find out more information about rock climbing around Cadiz.

Close to Jaen there a number of crags with a total of over 350 routes, which are mainly single pitch sports routes on limestone rock.

The rock climbing around Cordoba and Sevilla is not as concentrated as the rest of the region. Though there are still some good crags to be found, particularly at Espiel, which offers over 230 routes with a good selection of grades.

Andalucia rock climbing logistics

The best time of year to visit Andalucia to go rock climbing is from the autumn through to the spring. With the Sierra Nevada Mountains rising to 3,500m above Granada it is also possible to mix some skiing and rock climbing on the same trip!

The Roca Espana Band Sud rock climbing guidebook, which covers AndaluciaThere are various guidebooks that cover the rock climbing and sport climbing in Andalucia and El Chorro.  These are as follows:

Roca Espana Band Sud” actually covers the southern half of Spain including Andalucia, as well as Madrid, Costa Blanca and around Valencia. It covers 26 different crags in Andalucia including El Chorro, and the crags around Granada, Malaga, Cadiz, and Jean.

Andalucia Sport Climbing GuidebookThe “Andalucia Sport Climbing Guidebook” describes over 3,600 routes in the Andalucia region across a wide range of grades.  This includes crags around Malaga, Marbella, Granada, Cadiz, and Jean.

El Chorro” by Rockfax is the most comprehensive guidebook for El Chorro and it also includes the surrounding crags of Mijas, Turon, Desplomilandia, Valle de Abdalajis, El Torcal, Villanueva de Cauche, Archidona and Loja.

There are also a couple of dedicated sport climbing guidebooks for Malaga and Cadiz.  These are called “Malaga Sport Climbing Guidebook” and “Cadiz Rock Climbing Guidebook”.

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The Roca Espana Band Sud rock climbing guidebook, which covers Andalucia

The Roca Espana Band Sud covers all the crags at El Chorro, around Granada, Malaga, Cadiz, and Jean. Buy this guidebook from our shop.