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Rock Climbing in Ibiza

Ibiza is the smallest of the four inhabited Balearic Islands (which includes Mallorca and Menorca), and it offers a wide range of rock climbing and sport climbing on sharp limestone rock. There are very few rocky outcrops in Ibiza, which means that the majority of the rock climbing is on sea cliffs and isolated coves.

Rock climbing and sport climbing areas in Ibiza

No Crag Aspect Total No. of Routes Up to 4+ 5 to 6a+ 6b to 7a 7a+ and above
1 Buda Se & E 141 8 37 43 53
2 Santa Agnes W 27 0 5 9 13
3 Punta Aubarca NE 22 0 6 8 8
4 Mocos Inalambricos NE 12 0 0 1 11
5 Los Viones W 14 0 0 4 10
6 Paquidermico NW 4 0 0 0 4
7 Jolibud NW 32 0 2 5 25
8 Egagropilas Tree SE 45 1 19 17 8
9 Cueva de Egagropilas NE 14 0 0 2 12
10 Penyal de S'Aguila N 21 0 9 6 6
11 Sol Y Sombra E & S 39 3 19 12 5
12 Ibizia O Santa Eularia E 8 0 2 5 1

Map of the rock climbing and sport climbing areas in Ibiza

Map of the rock climbing and sport climbing areas in Ibiza

The above information has been extracted from the Ibiza rock climbing guidebook, published by Desnivel. This Ibiza guidebook is available to buy from our shop.

On Ibiza there are nearly 400 bolted routes, which range from grey limestone slabs, overhangs with jugs & tufas, roofs, multi-pitch routes, short technical single pitch routes and a wide range of grades that will suit climbers of all abilities.

The largest developed crag is called Buda, which is situated in the south west of the island and offers a wide range of sea cliff climbing. This is where the longer multi-pitch routes are found, which are up to 5-pitches long. The majority of other crags are found in the north of the island, well away from the traditional "tourist" areas on sea cliffs and isolated coves.

The best time to go rock climbing in Ibiza is from the autumn through to the spring. The only time to avoid is in the summer when it is just too hot, and party seeking tourists invade the island. The proximity of Mallorca (which its excellent climbing) along with the existence of frequent ferries between the islands, means it is possible to have a two-centre climbing holiday.

The photograph opposite is of Mike Appleton on Zazusa, 6c+, at Egagropilas Tree crag, which is situated on the north side of the island.


Ibiza Rock Climbing Guidebook

Buy the rock climbing guidebook for Ibiza, published by Desnivel from our shop.