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Rock Climbing at Muzzerone

The rock climbing at Muzzerone offers some dramatic sea cliff climbing close to the town of La Spezia. These good quality limestone cliffs are easily accessible and there is plenty of rock climbing available across all grades.

Map of the rock climbing areas around Muzzerone

Map of the rock climbing areas around Muzzerone
No Crag Total No of Routes Total number at this grade Max Length of route
4 5 6 7 8
1 Muzzerone 381 7 77 191 98 8 270m
2 Monte Marcello 29 0 4 19 6 0 20m
3 Deiva Marina 36 3 9 21 3 0 30m
4 Moneglia 29 1 6 20 2 0 80m
5 Riva Trigoso 22 5 12 5 0 0 45m
6 Punta Manara 70 5 12 40 13 0 20m
7 S. Anna 28 0 2 24 2 0 20m

The above information has been extracted from the current edition of the guidebook, called "Muzzerone E Levante Ligure", and is available to buy from our shop.

The sea cliffs of Muzzerone are made up of 18 separate limestone crags, which have recently been re-bolted. The routes are both single pitch and multi-pitch routes up to 270m long. However most of the multi-pitch routes are 2 or 3 pitches long. The style of climbing ranges from slabs, vertical walls to overhanging routes across a wide range of climbing grades. The Muzzerone area has always been popular due to its dramatic landscape, the presence of the sea, and easy access to some fantastic sea cliff rock climbing.

The other rock climbing areas dotted along the coast between Sestri Lavante and La Spezia are also on bolted limestone rock, with the vast majority of the routes being single pitch.

Muzzerone Logistics

noneThe rock climbing around Muzzerone is easily reached from Genova airport, where hire cars can be collected from. Fast roads quickly lead to La Spezia, and the climbing is reached via the village of Le Grazie, down narrow twisty lanes. There is a limited amount of accommodation available in Le Grazie.

Buy the Muzzerone E Levante Ligure guidebook from our shopClimbing season - The best time of the year to visit to go rock climbing in Muzzerone is in the autumn and spring, though it is possible to climb during the winter months as the majority of the crags face south west. During the summer it would be just too hot.

The current edition of the rock climbing guidebook for Muzzerone is called "Muzzerone E Levante Ligure", and is now available to buy from our shop.

Photograph of sea cliff climbing at Muzzerone

The photograph above shows Jenny Lavarda climbing No Sestri, 8b at Muzzerone.

This photograph appears on the front cover of the rock climbing guidebook for Muzzerone, which is available to buy from our shop.