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The best places to go rock climbing in Greece
Rock climbing Atlas for Greece and the Middle East

The Greece & Middle East Rock Climbing Atlas details all the crags around Patras.

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Rock Climbing Around Patras

Within a 45Km radius of Patras there are at least 4 significant crags to go rock climbing. Of the 4 crags, Varasova (photo shown opposite) is the most developed offering rock climbing straight off the beach. The crag has a mixture of sports and traditional (placing your own protection such as nuts and cams) routes up to 800m long. The first pitch of these routes are bolted to provide sports routes, though the spaces between the bolts varies from route to route. The multi-pitch routes then continue as traditional routes, requiring the placing of nuts and cams. The guidebook covering the rock climbing at Varasova unfortunately is now out of print, and there are no plans to re-publish it. There is also a small amount of bouldering to be found here as well.

The imposing wall at Varasova offers big wall climbing up to 800m.
Rock Climbing around Patras
Crag Type of Climbing No. of Routes Max Height Type of Rock Popular Grades
Varasova Sports/Trad 100 800m Limestone 5a to 6b
Bouldering 55 N/A Limestone 5a to 5b
Kalogria Sports 82 60m Limestone 6b to 7b+
Alepochori Sports 89 45m Limestone 6a to 7b+
Chatzouri Sports 36 70m Limestone 7c & above

The information opposite has been extracted from Greece & The Middle East Rock Climbing Atlas, which is available to buy from our shop.

All grades shown are French grades.


No guidebook is available for Kalogria, Alepochori and Chatzouri crags, though the route names are clearly written at the start of each route.

Climbing is possible in this area from autumn through to spring, though in the winter the weather can be unpredictable.

Rock climbing photographs at Patras
Click on the image to view a larger photograph, taken at Alepochori crag.
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