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Rock climbing in Kalymnos
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Map of the rock climbing areas around Meteora

Map of the rock climbing areas around Meteora
Crags around Meteora
Crag Type of Climbing No. of Routes Max Height Type of Rock Popular Grades
Meteora Sport/Trad 100m 285m Mix of Limestone, granite & sandstone 5a to 6b
Theopetra Sport 65 100m Limestone 6b+ to 7b+
Rizoma Bouldering 97 N/A Sandstone 5a to 6c+
Pyli Sport 76 40m Limestone 6a to 7b+
Mouzaki Sport 48 50m Limestone 7a & above

Rock climbing in Meteora

Rock climbing at MeteoraThe rock climbing at Meteora consists of huge pinnacles and monasteries (similar to Montserrat in Spain), with some of these monasteries actually located on top of the pinnacles. The routes here are a mixture between bolted and traditional (placing own protection), and vary between single pitch and multi-pitch routes up to 285m long.

There is a considerable variation in the amount of fixed gear (bolts and some pegs) used on routes and, historically the ethic was to use as little as possible. Therefore you can climb a well-bolted single pitch route, and then a more committing multi-pitch trad route, where you will need to place nuts and friends along with the occasional bolt or peg. The type of rock is a combination of limestone, granite and conglomerate, with mainly slaby or vertical rock. This means the majority of the routes are in the 5a to 6b range (French grades).

Close to Meteora there are also some other crags (Theopetra, Pyli and Mouzaki), which offer well-bolted sports climbing on good quality limestone rock.

Greece & The Middle East Rock Climbing Atlas guidebookThe information opposite has been extracted from Greece & The Middle East Rock Climbing Atlas, which is available to buy from our shop. This useful book describes the different crags, number of routes, style of climbing, how to get there, where to stay, and general information about the area, though it doesn't describe any individual routes.

Olympic Blocs bouldering guidebook for Greece

At Rizoma there is a good bouldering area on sandstone rock.  This area is reasonably well developed with approximately 100 problems, with most of the problems marked with numbers or arrows.  There is a good range of grades here (Fb 2a to 7b+), though the more popular problems are in the Fb 5a to 6c+ range.  A crash mat is advisable though most of the boulders are not that high, which makes the bouldering very enjoyable. The bouldering at Rizoma is featured in the Olympic Blocs guidebook, which is available to buy in our shop.

Rock Climbing at Meteora - Logistics

Meteora is located in the northern half of Greece, near the town of Trikala, with the closest main city being Larisa. The best time to visit this area is from autumn through to the spring, though it can be cold (and sometimes snow) in the winter.

To get the most out of the rock climbing at Meteora (with it's unique atmosphere), it is advisable to take twin 50m ropes and traditional gear such as nuts and friends. A single 60m rope and quickdraws are sufficient providing you are only looking to do single pitch sports routes.

The popular place for rock climbers to stay is the Vrachos campsite at Kastraki. Here they also sell the definite rock climbing guidebooks for Meteora by Stutte and Hasse, entitled Meteora Vol 1 and Meteora Vol 2.

Further information regarding the rock climbing to be found at Meteora can be found here.