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Rock climbing in Kalymnos
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Argolis rock climbing

The Argolis district of Greece is at the southern end of the Greek mainland and is a popular holiday destination.  The majority of the crags are easily accessible, together with plenty of beaches and many archaeological interests; this is an ideal area to go rock climbing for families with children, and for groups with different interests.

The rock climbing is all on excellent solid grey limestone, with the majority of the routes being single pitch sports routes, though there are some trad routes as well.  However all of the climbing areas are only partially developed, which means there is a massive opportunity to establish new routes in the area.

Map of the rock climbing areas in Argolis

Rock Climbing Crags of Argolis
No Crag Name Trad or Sport Altitude Best time to visit
1 Caves of Frachti Sport 30m Spring, autumn & winter
2 Kataafyki Ravine Both 10m All year
3 Kastro Thermisia Sport 400m Spring, autumn & winter
4 Pillars of the Wind Sport 650m Spring, summer & autumn
5 Didyma Sport 1100m Spring, summer & autumn
6 Rock of Ages Sport 500m Spring, summer & autumn
7 Mt Ortholithi Mainly Trad 800 - 1100m Spring & autumn
8 Vivari Sport 0m All year
9 Karathona Bay Sport 20m All year
10 Arvanitia Veach Sport 0m Spring, autumn & winter

Argolis Logistics

The Argolis area claims to receive over 3000 hours of sunshine per year and is a popular holiday destination.  It also means that it is possible to rock climb virtually all year round in the Argolis region, even in the hot summer months as some crags such as Didyma are at an altitude of over 1,000m.  The only time of the year to avoid is February and March when it tends to be wet.

The best way to get to the Argolis area is to fly into Athens and then hire a car and Argolis is then roughly 2.5 hours drive from the airport.  Anyway you will need a car to visit the majority of the crags as they are spread out all over the Argolis peninsula, and the public transport is not very good.

With regards to accommodation there are plenty of hotels, holiday apartments and villas in the area, especially at Porto Heli and Ermioni.  Find out more…..

There is currently no guidebook available for the area, though a free download by Jim Titt is available from his web site