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Walking the Selvaggio Blu Trek

The Selvaggio Blu Trek is often referred to as Italy’s hardest trek and is located about halfway up Sardinia’s east coast in the island’s Baunei region. It follows the wild coastline of the Gulf of Orosei, from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Gonone, as shown on the map opposite. Parts of this trek are extremely technical and demanding involving some short stretches of rock climbing and abseiling.  The route is physical and there is always the issue of the constant lack of water found along the route.

Selvaggio Blu Trek GuidebookWhilst the Selvaggio Blu Trek is undoubtable technical it does pass through some stunning scenery.  This ranges from narrow footpaths that lead over undulating trails along the edge of sea cliffs, to the old tracks of goatherds and charcoal burners, and hidden beaches between vast cliffs of limestone.  The trail passes through one of the last true wildernesses of the Mediterranean where there are no roads or habitations.

The trail is around 25 miles long and it typically takes 7 days to complete.  The Selvaggio Blu Trek Guidebook is essential reading for anyone wishing to undertake this fantastic trail.  It splits the route into 7 days, and for each day there is a detailed route description and various maps.  At the start of the guidebook there is various useful information including what equipment to take on the route.  Buy the Selvaggio Blu Trek Guidebook from our shop.

Map of the Selvaggio Blu Trek Route in Sardinia

Map of the Selvaggio Blu Trek Route in Sardinia

Walking in the Supramonte Mountains

Sentieri (Supramonte Mountains) Trekking GuidebookThis area of Sardinia between Baunei and Cala Gonone offers a great contrast between the wild Supramonte Mountains and the crystal clear sea with its rugged and steep limestone cliffs.  These remote mountains provide many micro-regions where there is a great variety of habitats and scenery.   These range from steep paths descending to beautiful beaches, and remote villages such as Tiscali, to incredible gorges such as the Sa Giuntura Valley and the Gorroppu Gorge.

The Supramonte Mountains don’t have many marked paths so to fully enjoy these mountains a guidebook and map are essential.  The Sentieri guidebook describes 42 trekking routes in the Supramonte Mountains that is available to buy from our shop.  The Baunei Walking map covers an area from Cala Luna in the north to Lotzorai in the south including 17 recommended walking routes ranging from 1 to 5 hours long.  Buy the Baunei Walking map from our shop.


Buy walking guidebooks for Sardinia

Buy walking guidebooks for Sardinia from our shop.