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Rock climbing in Turkey

Rock climbing in Turkey has become very popular, especially at places such as Antalya and Ala Daglar National Park.  Turkey is home to many good sport routes, and due to its large mountainous nature there is a massive opportunity for establishing new routes throughout the country.

Antalya - The largest developed rock climbing area in Turkey is around Antalya, and more specifically, the sport climbing at Geyikbayiri, which has over 700 routes across all grades. There are also 4 other sport climbing areas close to Antalya, which are Olympos, Citdibi, Akyarlar, and Karataslar, plus an excellent bouldering area at Feslekan Yayla, which is high up in the mountains (2000m high). All of the sport routes are single pitch on good quality limestone rock. Click here for more information about rock climbing in Antalya.

The guidebook called "Antalya Kaya Tirmanis Rehberi/A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya", written by Ozturk Kayikci is now available to buy from our shop. It covers the climbing found at Geyikbayiri, Olympos, and Citdibi.

Map of the Rock Climbing Areas in Western Turkey

Map of the Rock Climbing Areas in Western Turkey Rock climbing in Aladaglar Rock climbing in Antalya, Geyikbayiri and Olympus Rock climbing in Western Turkey Rock climbing at Datca

Ala Daglar National Park - Situated in the Taurus mountain range is some excellent rock climbing on limestone rock. The majority of the routes are single pitch, though there are some multi-pitch routes up to 650m long (though very exposed). There are over 100 routes here across all grades. Ala Daglar National Park is at an altitude of 1600m making rock climbing very pleasant from the beginning of June through to the end of September.

Anavarza is located near Adana in Southern Turkey.  Here there are over 100 routes from F5 to F8a+ on vertical limestone rock that requires good technique. Unusually for Turkey there are several magnificent trad routes alongside sport routes.  The “Rock Climbing Guidebook for Turkey” describes the routes at Anavarza, and is available to buy from our shop.

In Western Turkey there are some excellent rock climbing areas located around the cities of Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir.  These include Ballikayalar which is between Istanbul and Izmit; Geyve near Bilecik; Golpazari near Bilecik; Narlidere near Bursa; and Kaynaklar near Izmir.  Generally the style of climbing is bolted sport routes with the vast majority being single pitch. However at Geyve there is a mixture of multi-pitch traditional routes as well as single pitch sport routes. 

The granite and gneiss towers at Eskisehir

The above photograph shows the granite and gneiss towers at Eskisehir, which are only 70Km from the capital Ankara.

Datca rock climbing guidebookEskisehir - 70km from Eskisehir on the way to Ankara is an area of granite and gneiss towers that rise out of the surrounding fields and plains. Here there is sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering.

Bafa Golu - Located 100km from Bodrum and near Bafa Lake is a large boulder field. These granite and gneiss rocks offer some excellent and extensive bouldering.

Datca – Located near Bodrum in southwestern Turkey, the rock climbing at Datca consists of around 300 routes from F5c to F9a.  These sport climbing routes are mainly single pitch on great limestone rock. Datca is a new climbing area where there is great scope for developing new routes. The Datca rock climbing guidebook has been published by local climbers and is available to buy from our shop.

The Rock Climbing Atlas for Greece and The Middle EastThe Rock Climbing Atlas for Greece and The Middle East describes the rock climbing around Antalya and Ala Daglar National Park in Turkey. This useful book describes the different crags, number of routes, style of climbing, how to get there, where to stay, and general information about the area, though it doesn't describe any individual routes. As well as Turkey, the book also includes information about Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

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Walking and hiking in TurkeyTurkey is also an excellent place to go hill walking and mountaineering. Find information about walking in Turkey, including The Lycian Way and St Pauls Trail long distance paths.

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A Rock climbing Guide to Antalya

A Rock climbing Guide to Antalya, describes all the sports climbing around Geyikbayiri, Olympos, and Citdibi.

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