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Rock Climbing in Granada

It’s not very often you can mix rock climbing and skiing in the same trip, but the rock climbing around Granada offers just that! With the Sierra Nevada Mountains rising to 3,500m above Granada this is a popular skiing resort. To the south of Granada there are several excellent sport climbing crags, most notably Los Cahorros, Alfacar, Los Vados and to the east Loja. From the autumn through to the spring these crags offers some excellent winter sun sport climbing, and then for a rest day or 2 go skiing.

The majority of the routes are single pitch though some excellent multi-pitch sport routes are located at Los Vados. Although there are some easy routes here the quality routes tend to be in the mid-grade range and higher.

The cheaper places to stay will be any of the coastal resorts, where good value villas and hotels can be found. As the different crags are quite spread apart it means hiring a car is essential to make the most of the visit.

Map of the Rock Climbing areas around Granada

Map of the Rock Climbing areas around Granada

Rock Climbing crags around Granada

No Crag Name Total number of routes at this grade Grade Range No of Routes Single or Multi-pitch
3 to 5+ 6a to 6b+ 6c to 7a+ 7b & over Not known
1 Naranjito-Pena Cabrera 13 18 22 7 3 4+ to 8b 63 Both
2 Alfacar 36 47 12 5 14 4 to 8a 114 Both
3 Los Cahorros 37 89 59 30 8 4+ to 8b 223 Both
4 Los Caracolillos 2 6 8 5 0 5+ to 7b+ 21 Single
5 Capileira 18 15 4 0 1 4 to 7a+ 38 Both
6 Lagos 0 6 9 29 14 6a+ to 8b+ 58 Single
7 Los Vados 2 21 16 41 6 5 to 8b+ 86 Both
8 Motril 3 8 13 8 4 5+ to 8b+ 36 Single
9 Loja 16 46 59 83 22 4 to 8c 226 Both

The Roca Espana Band Sud rock climbing guidebook covers the crags around GranadaRock climbing guidebooks for Granada

There are various guidebooks that cover the rock climbing and sport climbing around Granada.  These are as follows:

Andalucia Sport Climbing GuidebookRoca Espana Band Sud Guidebook” actually covers the southern half of Spain including Andalucia, as well as Madrid, Costa Blanca and around Valencia.  It covers 26 different crags in Andalucia including those around Granada, plus the crags around Malaga, Cadiz, and Jean.

"El Chorro Guidebook" covers Loja and other crags to the west of Granada.

The “Andalucia Sport Climbing Guidebook” covers all the crags, around Granada including El Loja, Los Cahorros, and Alfacar.  The guidebook describes over 3,600 routes, and it also includes the crags around Malaga, Marbella, Cadiz, and Jean.

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The Roca Espana Band Sud rock climbing guidebook covers the crags around Granada

The Roca Espana Band Sud covers all the crags, around Granada, plus those around Malaga, Cadiz, and Jean.

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