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Bouldering at Hoyamoros and the western Gredos Mountains

Hoyamoros (sometimes spelt Hoya Moros) is Spain's premier alpine bouldering area that is located in the western part of the Sierra de Gredos Mountains in central, western Spain.  Hoyamoros is located near Candelario that is close to the town of Bejar, to the south of Salamanca.  This whole region is a sea of granite boulders with many other high altitude bouldering areas being established, as shown on the map opposite. 

Bouldering at Hoyamoros is an adventure that provides a feeling of freedom in a mini wild paradise.  The place is surrounded by mountains with hundreds of granite boulders of all shapes and sizes in the middle of green meadows.  The bouldering is at an altitude of 2,200m making it the perfect destination from late spring to the autumn.  However this does come at a cost – the walk-in.  It is long, hard, and uphill and it takes around 2 hours from Candelario.  Most people bivvy for a few days to avoid walking in every day as setting up camp is strictly forbidden.  However once here it is a true world class bouldering paradise.

Hoyamoros Bouldering GuidebookThe boulders at Hoyamoros have an average height of 4 to 6m, with over 1,000 problems across a wide range of ranges. These range from Fb 3+ to Fb 8b+, with the majority of the problems in the Fb 5 to Fb 7c. The granite rock is high-quality that is compact, with many crimps, good slabs, and overhangs with big holds.  The Hoyamoros Bouldering Guidebook is the comprehensive guidebook for the area, and is available to buy from our shop.

Bouldering at Hoyamoros and the western Gredos Mountains

Bouldering at Hoyamoros and Central, Western Spain

No Crag No of Problems
1 Hoyamoros 1,000+
2 La Dehesa 650+
3 Agua Dulce 138
4 El Puertecito (La Muela) 151
5 El Travieso 11
6 Pena de la Cruz 142
7 Valdesangil 1,200+
8 Vallejera 104
9 La Hoya 73
10 Becedas 182

Other Bouldering around Bejar

This area of Spain is a sea of granite boulders with many other bouldering sites around the town of Bejar.  The two largest developed areas are La Dehesa and Valdesangil.

La Dehesa is a forest full of boulders, overhangs and crimps in an exceptionally beautiful area.  The granite is a little finer-grained than Hoyamoros though the style and characterises are very similar.  Here there are over 600 problems from Fb 3s to Fb 8a, with countless projects to be finished.  However the walk-in only ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.  The best season is in the autumn and spring, though it is possible to climb in the summer due to the altitude of La Dehesa.

Iberian Bouldering Guidebook – Central, Western RegionValdesangil is a huge bouldering surrounding a village of the same name, with good and quick access.  The granite rock tends to be orange, compact and a little abrasive, with the height of the boulders ranging from 3 to 5m.  The type of bouldering is varied at Valdesangil, with dynamic moves, technical problems, edges, and a few slopers – usually with good landings.  Above all there are small “chickpeas” and minute crimps that are characteristic of this area.  There are over 1,200 problems at Valdesangil, ranging from Fb 3+ to Fb 8, and scope to open many more.

The Iberian Bouldering Guidebook – Central, Western Region covers the best bouldering areas around Bejar.  It covers 9 areas including La Dehesa and Valdesangil but not Hoyamoros.

Sport Climbing around Bejar

Gredos Sport Climbing GuidebookThere are also 9 sport climbing crags around Bejar.  All the routes are on granite rock and are single pitch sport routes.  The style of climbing ranges from slabs and vertical walls with plenty of crimps and cracks, to steep overhangs with good holds.  The 2 largest crags are called Laguna del Duque (200+ routes), and Santibanez de Bajar (100+ routes).  These 2 crags along with 13 other crags in the Western Gredos Mountains are covered in the Gredos Sport Climbing Guidebook that is available to buy from our shop.

It should be worth noting that this whole area is a fragile environment in terms of fauna and wildlife with much of it declared an UNESCO world heritage. If climbers want to keep these boulders open to all then there are some strict but sensible rules we all have to adhere to.  These simple rules are covered in all of the guidebooks described here.


Hoyamoros Bouldering Guidebook

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