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Bouldering around Barcelona and Catalunya

The main bouldering areas in Catalunya are situated between Barcelona and Lleida, including the sandstone boulder field of El Cogul, which is one of the largest bouldering areas in Spain.  Two other excellent bouldering areas are Savassona and St Joan

The type of rock at all of these bouldering areas is sandstone, with the exception of St. Joan, which is a conglomerate type of rock.  The landings are all generally good, though it is advisable to bring a bouldering mat.

Bouldering at El Cogul

El Cogul is the largest bouldering area around Barcelona, with nearly 500 problems, and is one of the best in the whole of Spain.  The sandstone boulders are scattered amongst fields of olives and almonds in undulating rural farmland.  The bouldering is located along a 4km ridge between the villages of El Cogul and L’Albages that is accessed via a dirt track with parking areas for each sector.  The bouldering is on excellent fine grained sandstone rock that provides plenty of slabs, slopers, huecos, roofs, mantel shelves, and overhangs that require good technique and footwork. 

Bouldering at Savassona

Savassona is a sandstone bouldering area in the northeast of Catalunya about 1.5 hours’ drive from Barcelona, near the town of Vic. The sandstone boulders are located in a tranquil forest and sit alongside ancient ruins. There are hundreds of quality boulder problems ranging from Font 3+ to Font 8b. The problems are varied, with good holds that are generally not too high, and with good flat landings.

Bouldering around Barcelona Logistics

The Lleida Climbs guidebook covers the best bouldering found at El CogulThe Lleida Climbs guidebook covers the best bouldering at El Cogul.  A definitive guidebook for Savassona is available called Savassona Bouldering. Both of these guidebooks can be bought from our shop. Unfortunately no guidebook covers the other bouldering areas described here.

The bouldering season is basically throughout the year, with the exception of during the hot summer months.  The best conditions are usually found from late Autumn through to the Spring.

Savassona bouldering guidebookThere are many cheap flights to Barcelona from all over Europe, with the main airport just south of Barcelona that is known locally as El Prat. Alternatively Reus airport is further south and provides easy access to the bouldering areas particularly El Cogul.

Map of the bouldering areas in Barcelona and Catalunya

Map of the bouldering areas in Barcelona and Catalunya

Bouldering areas around Barcelona and Catalunya

No Crag Name Rock Type Total No of Problems
1 El Cogul Sandstone 451
2 Cervia Sandstone 97
3 Belianes-Malda Sandstone 94
4 St. Joan Conglomerate and Standstone 231
5 Savassona Sandstone 200+

Bouldering at Savassona

The above photograph shows the excellent bouldering found at Savassona.

The Lleida Climbs guidebook covers the best bouldering found at El Cogul, and the definitive guidebook for Savassona is called the Savassona bouldering guidebook.