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Rock climbing in Central Portugal around Lisbon

The climbing screen around Lisbon is very well developed and has the largest concentration of crags in Portugal.  The map opposite shows the location of all these main crags.

Main crags in Central Portugal

No Crag Rock Type Type of Climbing Single or Multi Pitch No of Routes Grade Range
1 Buracas do Casmilo Limestone Sport Single 85 F6a to F8c
2 Redinha/Vale de Poios Limestone Sport Single 256 F3 to F8a
3 Reguengo do Fetal Limestone Sport Single 136 F4 to F8b
4 Cabo Carvoeiro Limestone Trad Single 43 F4 to F7a
5 Montejunto Limestone Sport Single 71 F3 to F8a
6 Casal Pianos Basalt Trad Single 73 F3 to F8a
7 Penedo da Amizade Granite Sport and Trad Both 72 F3 to F8a
8 Sintra Granite Bouldering N/A 176 Fb 4 to Fb 8b
9 Espinhaco/Ponta Atlantica Granite Trad Multi-Pitch 65 F5 to F8a
10 Cascais Limestone Sport and Bouldering Single 98 F2 to F8b
11 Meio Mango Limestone Sport Single 101 F5 to F8c
12 Azoia Limestone Sport Single 62 F4 to F8a
13 Sesimbra Velha Limestone Sport Both 50 F4 to F8a
14 Dente do Leao Limestone Sport Single 11 F6b to F7c
15 Fenda Limestone Sport Single 130 F3 to F8b
  Escusa Limestone Sport Single 44 F4 to F8b

The above information has been extracted from the Portugal rock climbing guidebook that can be bought from our shop.

Map of the rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering areas in Central Portugal

Map of the rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering areas in Central Portugal

Portugal rock climbing guidebookThe towns of Sintra and Cascais to the west of Lisbon provide a great variety of climbing in great locations.  Sintra is situated high in a forest in an atmospheric environment that is often cooler than the beaches a few kilometres away.   Sintra is famous for its excellent granite bouldering that is spread across 3 main areas, Capuchos, Peninha, and Malveira.  Here there are big balls of granite rock with an abrasive grip that require compression moves, insane crimps, technical vertical walls, friction slabs, and some highball problems.

The climbing at Cascais and further north around the coast is all about sea cliff climbing.  At Farol da Guia it is sport climbing with around 100 routes on limestone rock.  Espinhaco and Ponta Atlantica are 2 crags close together that offer multi-pitch trad routes up to 120m long, on granite rock.  Trad routes are also found at Casal Pianos where the basalt rock is highly featured with many crack lines that has been compared to a smaller version of Indian Creek by the sea!

Portugal Onsight - the guidebook for sport climbing and bouldering in PortugalSouth of Lisbon is the Arrabida National Park near the town of Setubal.  Stretched along this rugged coastline are 5 sport climbing areas offering over 350 routes across a wide range of grades.   These limestone cliffs are among the best sport climbing to be found in Portugal. The routes at Meio Mango and Fenda are steep with many routes in the F7’s, whilst at Azoia the routes are friendlier with many routes around F6.

Around the town of Leiria, to the north of Lisbon, are several excellent sport climbing crags.  All of these crags are situated in pleasant hills and their altitude makes them perfect to escape the hot sun, as they are significantly cooler than the coast.  Within the Serra do Sico Mountains there are around 300 routes on good quality limestone rock spread across 3 different crags.  The crags are called Redinha, Vale de Poios, and Buracas do Casmilo, and all 3 provide superb technical routes across a wide range of grades.

The Portugal rock climbing guidebook and the Portugal Onsight Guidebook detail all the rock climbing and bouldering in northern Portugal.

Portugal rock climbing photograph – Buracus do Casmilo – Cornelia Portugal rock climbing photograph – Buracus do Casmilo – Circus Portugal rock climbing photograph – Vale de Poios Portugal rock climbing photograph – Cabo Carvoeiro - Perro andaluz Portugal rock climbing photograph – Sintra - Casal Pianos Portugal rock climbing photograph – Sintra - Capuchos Portugal rock climbing photograph – Sintra - Peninha Portugal rock climbing photograph – Sintra - Malveirs Portugal rock climbing photograph – Arrabida – Dente do Leao

Click on the images above to view a larger photograph, showing the excellent rock climbing and bouldering to be found in Central Portugal.


The Portugal rock climbing guidebook covers the rock climbing and bouldering in central Portugal around Lisbon. 

Portugal rock climbing guidebook

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