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Map of the rock climbing areas in Luxembourg

Map of the rock climbing areas in Luxembourg

Introduction to rock climbing in Luxembourg

The best place to go rock climbing in Luxembourg is at Berdorf, which is situated near the border with Germany, about 5km from the town of Echternach, and around 20km from Luxembourg-Ville.  The climbing is on the sandstone crag of Wanterbaach just outside the village of Berdorf.  The situation is very beautiful with the crag set within a forest.

The number of routes at each different grade at Berdorf The sandstone rock at Berdorf is very hard and compact characterised by technical climbing.  There are a wide variety of climbing styles from powerful athletic routes to more fingery technical lines across a wide range of grades (F2 to F8c), though the majority of routes are in the F6a to F7c range.  Many of the more difficult routes tend to have 1 or 2 hard moves that require a “bouldering” type sequence or a dyno move.

There are around 150 routes at Berdorf that are all single pitch. The routes vary in length from 5m to 36m long, and have all been recently re-bolted in 2002, mainly with glued bolts though some expansion bolts do remain.

Berdorf Rock Climbing Logistics

Getting a permit.  The forest of Berdorf is a nature reserve, which means that certain animal and plant species, as well as their habitats, are highly protected. To climb in Berdorf you will need a permit, but this permit is FREE and EVERYONE gets one.  Click here to obtain your permit to climb at Berdorf.

Berdorf rock climbing guidebookWhen to go.  It is possible to climb throughout the year at Berdorf as the forest provides plenty of shade during the summer.   Climbing only becomes unpleasant after a prolonged period of rain of up to 2 days.

What gear is required.  All the routes are well bolted and it is advisable to take a 70m rope, though a 60m rope will be sufficient for the majority of the routes.  For the longest routes around 16 quickdraws are required.

Guidebook.  The current guidebook is called Climbing in Berdorf, which was published in June 2013. Buy the Climbing in Berdorf guidebook from our shop.

Accommodation.  The village of Berdorf has several campsites and there are plenty of hotels.  At Echternach there is a youth hostel and a climbing wall.

Berdorf rock climbing photograph - Arrete, Paulette! F7a+ Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Drole d’Endroit pour une Rencontre, F6a+ Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Luftikus, F6b Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Parapluie, F7a Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Rupture, F6c+ Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Voleur de Spits, F7a+ Berdorf rock climbing photograph – Willy, F6c

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Berdorf rock climbing guidebook

Buy the Berdorf rock climbing guidebook from
our shop.