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Rock Climbing in Southern Italy

The terrain in southern Italy is very diverse, which for the rock climber means there are a great variety of climbing areas from close to the sea to hundreds of metre up in the mountains.  Therefore it is always possible to find somewhere to climb throughout the year.

The largest climbing area is at Frosolone with over 300 routes across a wide range of grades.  The climbing here is a mixture of sloping pockets and vertical slots, of which some are very sharp.  The routes alternate between being sustained requiring lots of endurance, and bouldery requiring a lot of power.  Due to its altitude of over 1,200m and exposure to the wind it means the best time to climb here is from the spring through to the summer.

Around the towns of Froggia, Bari, and Lecce in the province of Puglia has a Mediterranean climate of warm winters and hot summers. Therefore the ideal time to visit is from the autumn through to the spring. Statte is the largest crag in this region with over 200 routes.  There are also a number of other crags in this region, with routes available across a good selection of grades.

Further south around the town of Potenza it becomes very mountainous with many of the rock climbing areas at an altitude over 1,000m.  It is at these crags that it is ideal to climb during the summer as there is snow during the winter.

Map of the rock climbing areas in southern tip of Italy

Map of the rock climbing areas in southern tip of Italy Rock climbing around Napoli

The A Sud guidebook describes all the single pitch sport climbing in southern ItalyThe above information has been extracted from the rock climbing guidebook for southern Italy called "A Sud".

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Rock climbing areas of southern Italy

No Crag Altitude No of Routes Type of Climbing Single or Multi-pitch
1 Petrella Tifernina 300m 24 Sport Single
2 Santo Stefano 650m 33 Sport Single
3 Frosolone 1200m 311 Sport Single
4 Oratino 600m 46 Sport Single
5 Bojano 650m 19 Sport Single
6 Rignano il Palombaio 100m 48 Sport Single
7 Manfredonia Olimp 100m 81 Sport Single
8 Mattinata-Ripe Rosse 500m 28 Sport Single
9 Pulo 300m 49 Sport Single
10 Laterza 200m 24 Sport Single
11 Castellaneta 200m 23 Sport Single
12 Statte 100m 236 Sport Single
13 Badisco 10m 12 Sport Single
14 Ciolo 30m 64 Sport Single
15 Bella 1100m 14 Sport Single
16 Castelgrande 1250m 10 Sport Single
17 Muro Lucano 600m 10 Sport Single
18 Balvano 650m 30 Sport Single
19 Sant'Angelo le Fratte 600m 37 Sport Single
20 Pietra Maura 1500m 21 Sport Single
21 Monte Vulturino 1500m 74 Sport Single
22 Viggiano 950m 33 Sport Single
23 Bosco Favino 1300m 12 Sport Single
24 Matera 350m 12 Sport Single
25 Viggiano 900m 45 Sport Single
26 Eianina 500m 51 Sport Single
27 Orsomarso 200m 91 Sport Single
28 Buonvicino 500m 27 Sport Single
29 Mendicino 600m 11 Sport Single
30 Caronte 250m 20 Sport Single
31 Stilo 400m 60 Sport Single

To the south of Napoli is the Sorrento Peninsula there is plenty of good quality rock climbing, mainly situated on the south coast around Amalfi. The vast majority of the routes are single pitch sport routes though there are some multi-pitch routes as well, all on limestone rock. The climbing here is generally at a low altitude with some routes straight off the beach. Find out more…

The large sandstone bouldering of Bosco Gallipoli is situated in forests between Potenza and Matera. The woods are at a low altitude and the winter rarely sees snow making this an ideal year round location as the leaf cover allows acceptable climbing conditions even in the hotter periods.  Unfortunately there is no guidebook available covering this bouldering area.

Southern Italy is well connected to the rest of Europe, with International airports at Napoli, Bari and Brindisi.


The A Sud guidebook describes all the single pitch sport climbing in southern Italy

Buy the Rock Climbing Guidebook for southern Italy, call "A Sud" from our shop.

The guidebook describes all the single pitch sport climbing in southern Italy.