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Rock climbing in Cuba - The Valle de Vinales

The rock climbing in Cuba is based around the World Heritage Site of The Valle de Vinales, and is located in the western, mountainous province of Pinar del Rio, which is approximately 190km to the west of Havana.  This valley has that combination of high quality limestone rock, good accessibility, and an ambience to suggest that Cuba is probably the best sport climbing destination in the Caribbean.

Map of the rock climbing areas in Cuba

Map of the rock climbing areas in Cuba

The style of climbing at The Valle de Vinales, involves improbable lines through stunning overhanging limestone rock.  These lines involve everything from cranking jugs and pockets to stalactites and tufa-riddled walls on bullet hard limestone rock.  The climbing is split into 6 areas and 27 different crags, all within easy reach of the town of Vinales.  Currently there are around 250 routes, though the potential for many more is enormous, with the majority of the routes in the F6a to F7c grade range.

The Valle de Vinales – Rock climbing logistics

The best time of the year to visit The Valle de Vinales for climbing is over the winter months of December, January and February when the temperature is cooler and low levels of rain.  The hurricane season from the end of October and November, can also provide good climbing conditions, as can March and April.  From May to October is the rainy season with along with high temperatures is the time to avoid.  With regards to gear a 60m rope will be sufficient and at least a 12 quickdraws.

Being a popular tourist destination, travel to Cuba is relatively easy with many flights from all over the world.  Vinales can then be reached via a bus, or if more flexibility is required then car hire is readily available.

The Cuba rock climbing guidebook is the definitive guidebook for The Valle de Vinales climbing area that unfortunately is now out of print. 

Other climbing areas in Cuba

There are other climbing areas dotted around Cuba as shown on the above map.  However none of these areas are as developed as Vinales (yet), and there are no guidebooks available.


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