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Rock Climbing around Zagreb

The majority of the rock climbing to be found around Zagreb is to the north and west of the city. All of the rock climbing around Zagreb is on solid limestone rock and the crags are generally well bolted offering mainly single pitch routes. The 2 main crags near Zagreb are situated in atmospheric surroundings; Pokojec, which is surrounded by picturesque hills and vineyards; and Kalnik, which is situated within the ruins of a castle.

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Click on the images to view a larger photograph, showing the excellent rock climbing to be found around Zagreb.

Map of the rock climbing areas around Zagreb

Map of the rock climbing areas around Zagreb

List of rock climbing areas around Zagreb

No Crag Total No of routes Number of Routes in Grade Range Multi Pitch?
Up to 4c 5a to 5c+ 6a to 6c+ 7a to 7c+ 8a to 8c+ Project
1 Terihaj 13 2 1 4 5 1 0 No
2 Ravna gora 34 2 4 20 6 0 2 Yes
3 Pokojec 79 2 5 23 28 13 8 No
4 Zia 20 0 4 8 5 1 2 No
5 Vranja pec 38 2 3 9 5 0 19 No
6 Cuturaaseva pec 13 1 3 5 2 1 1 No
7 Kalnik 166 16 16 87 42 3 2 No

Klanik is one of the Croatia’s most popular climbing areas due to its large number of easier and mid-grade routes. All together there are more than 170 well equipped routes. Approaches are short and there is even a mountain hut that offers accommodation and food.

Pokojec offers very specific climbing as most of the holds are slopers or small pockets, requiring strong fingers and good footwork. There are around 80 routes at Pokojec with more than half of them graded F7a or harder.

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During the winter it gets very cold, so the best time of the year to go rock climbing around Zagreb is from the spring through to autumn.

Just across the border in Slovenia there are also some excellent places to go rock climbing including the very extensive limestone crag at Kotecnik. Click here to find out more information about rock climbing in Slovenia near Zagreb.


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