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Annual Big Wall Speed Rock Climbing Competition in Paklenica

An annual Big Wall Speed Climbing competition is held in Paklenica National Park during the first weekend of May. To enter the competition please visit the following web site,

The Big Wall Speed Climbing is a combination of speed climbing and big wall climbing and was the first competition of its kind in the world. It comprises a roped alpine ascent following all the normal climbing rules (clipping all the protections, not allowed to climb simultaneously, ascend with alternate leaders, etc.) but in the shortest time possible.

Along with this unusual climbing discipline Big Wall Climber's Meeting includes numerous lectures, slides and films shows, climbing and alpine expeditions, and also an outdoor gear fair.

The rock climbing takes place at the Debeli kuk crag at Paklenica, which is easily viewed from the main path as shown on the photograph opposite.
Paklenica Big Wall Speed Rock Climbing Competition

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Click on the image to view a larger photograph, showing the action from previous years Big Wall Speed Climbing competition at Paklenica

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