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Rock climbing around Mostar

Mostar is located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia, and it is known for its diverse landscape that range from wild mountains and fertile valleys, to the Neretva River that dominates the city of Mostar.  This region has a growing number of high-class, comfortable sport climbing areas that can be climbed all year round.  These are shown on the map opposite and include Dreznica which is the oldest, or the promising newer Mostar city crags, to Blagaj that is quickly becoming a new climbing epicentre and good bouldering at Spijonik.

Bosnia and Herzegovina rock climbing guidebookBlagaj has quickly become the new climbing epicentre around Mostar, and is in fact one of the biggest, most beautiful and diverse climbing areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The climbing is located on the edge of the cosy village of Blagaj near a monastery dating from the 16th century (part of a UNESCO World heritage site) and in a huge canyon.  The climbing near the monastery is all single pitch routes that are great for the winter as they are mostly in the sun.  The routes are on limestone rock with tufas, crimps and crack lines of all grades, requiring good strength and footwork of equal measures.   The Vulin potok Canyon has a number of sectors including the magical Sector Rebro, located in an unreal fishbone limestone plateau.  The Canyon has a mixture of sport routes across all grades, and includes both single pitch and multi-pitch routes up to 200m long.  The various sectors face different orientations and can be climbed from the spring through to late autumn.  The scope for adding new routes at Blagaj is huge, and it has the potential to become the largest sport climbing area in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Map of the rock climbing areas around Mostar

Map of the rock climbing areas around Mostar

List of the rock climbing areas around Mostar

No Crag Total No of routes Number of routes in the grade range Max Height
Up to 4c 5a to 5c+ 6a to 6c+ 7a to 7c+ 8a and above
1 Duman 4 0 0 4 0 0 25m
2 Kuk 7 0 0 7 0 0 18m
3 Dreznica 101 17 36 41 6 1 100m
4 Stolac 13 2 5 4 2 0 90m
5 Rupa 5 0 2 1 0 2 20m
6 Blagaj 81 11 28 30 11 1 210m
7 Spijonik 56 20 10 24 2 0 Bouldering
8 Gradina 5 0 1 2 1 1 27m

Dreznica is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best known, most developed and largest climbing area. The picturesque, exposed location is in a canyon with great rock quality and a cosy climbing atmosphere, is at the cross roads of the Neretva River and its tributary Drezanka river. The limestone here is excellent, super-solid white and grey rock offering a variety of climbing styles.  These range from steep bulges and overhangs, to technical friction slabs and crimpy face climbing as well as interesting cracks.  The climbing is predominantly single pitch and it includes some long 40m routes that will drain your whole body and forearms. 

The bouldering at Spijonik is located in a huge Alpine environment at a height of around 1,500m.  From the road it’s an easy and beautiful 40 minute hike to get to the boulder field.  Currently there are 3 sectors with about 60 problems mostly in the easier grades up to 7a, and a few open projects.  This wide Alpine playground has the potential for at least 150 more.  The best time to boulder at Spijonik is from May through until October.

Average daily peak temperatures for MostarThe “Bosnia and Herzegovina rock climbing guidebook” covers all the 8 crags in the Mostar area, and it can be bought from our shop.

Mostar has its own International airport, with another good option being the airport at Sarajevo.  Mostar has a growing tourism industry, and the surrounding mountains provide a wide range of activities, including kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and mountaineering as well as rock climbing.

Bosnia and Herzegovina rock climbing guidebook

The Bosnia and Herzegovina rock climbing guidebook covers 34 climbing areas, including all of those around Banja Luka.  In total it details around 800 single pitch sport routes, 60 multi-pitch routes and an additional 100 boulder problems.  It also includes valuable information regarding travel and accommodation.