Corsica Bloc – Bouldering in Corsica Guidebook

Corsica Bloc – Bouldering in Corsica Guidebook

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The Corsica Bloc guidebook describes the main granite bouldering sites on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The 2 main bouldering areas on Corsica are; around Calvi in the northwest of the island; and the Gorges de la Restonica near Corte (Corti). This guidebook describes 7 areas at Calvi and 9 areas at Restonica, plus 10 further areas on the island, making 26 different areas in total.

At the start of each area there is a location map with GPS coordinates for the car parking, an indication of how tall the boulders are, how good the landings are, exposure to the sun, and the walk-in from the car. All the problems are illustrated on boulder topo maps, with Fontainebleau grades used throughout. These granite boulders offer a good range of grades to choose from that is reflected well in this guidebook.

Published in June 2014 this guidebook is in French and English text throughout.

Number of pages is 174.
Size is 148mm x 210mm (A5).