Maltatal Rock Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook

Maltatal Rock Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook

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  • Maltatal Rock Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook

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This guidebook covers a great wealth of rock climbing in the Maltatal area in Austria and is split into 3 sections: sport climbing, Alpine climbing and bouldering. Maltatal (Malta Valley) is situated to the south of Salzburg and north of Villach in a beautiful and picturesque part of the Central Eastern Alps.

The sport climbing section covers 18 separate crags, with routes varying from single pitch through to multi-pitch bolted routes up to 300m long. The routes covered are spread across a good range of grades and will suit climbers of all abilities, with many routes between 100m to 200m long. The majority of these routes are shown on colour photo topos, with the rest on hand-drawn topos, and are given French grades.

The Alpine climbing section covers 5 separate crags with rock routes up peaks that are over 3,000m high. All the routes are given UIAA grades, and are shown on hand-drawn topos, along with an overview photograph.

The Bouldering section covers the world famous Schleierwasserfall area plus the Tal der Konige area. All problems are given Fontainebleau grades and are shown on colour photo topos along with a boulder map.

Published in August 2015 this guidebook is primarily in German text though the access, approach information and crag overview information is in English Text.

Number of pages is 240.
Size is 148mm x 185mm.