Fontainebleau Fun Bloc Bouldering Guidebook

Fontainebleau Fun Bloc Bouldering Guidebook

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  • Fontainebleau Fun Bloc Bouldering Guidebook

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The Fontainebleau Fun Bloc bouldering guidebook covers the very best areas in the forests of Fontainebleau, and is aimed at groups of mixed climbing abilities who all want to climb in the same general area. All the boulders are shown on colour photo topos, which makes recognising the problems very easy, and includes every single problem in an area. Therefore on each photo topo all the different coloured problems are shown ranging from children’s routes, to yellow, orange, blue, red and black routes as appropriate.

The guidebook is split into 48 different areas, each having its own unique aerial plan map. These maps then show every single boulder that has been perfectly mapped and has coloured dots that exactly pinpoint every single problem. Over 7,000 problems are detailed from 1a to 8c, which are shown on over 1,600 colour photo topos. Over 100 Fontainebleau circuits are fully covered in this book including 17 individual children’s circuits.

The main areas covered are Bas Cuvier, L’Elephant, Le Cul de Chien, Roche aux Sabots, Beauvais, Rocher Canon, Roucher Saint-Germain, Bois Rond, Canche aux Merciers, Rocher Fin, Buthiers, 95.2, 91.1, Roucher Guichot, Diplodocus, Potala, Rocher des Potets, Franchard Isatis and Franchard Cuisiniere. To get to these main areas there are additional approach maps from the appropriate car parks – something that is essential in what can be a very complicated forest.

Published by Jingo Wobbly in April 2012 this guidebook is in French and English text throughout.

Number of pages is 320
Size is 150mm x 210mm (A5 format).