Cala Gonone Sport Climbing Guidebook – Arrampicare a Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone Sports Climbing Guidebook – Arrampicare a Cala Gonone

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  • Cala Gonone Sports Climbing Guidebook – Arrampicare a Cala Gonone

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Arrampicare a Cala Gonone is the comprehensive guidebook that covers all the sport climbing and rock climbing around Cala Gonone and Dorgali in Sardinia. The guidebook covers the popular areas of Fuili, La Poltrona and Cala Luna. In total it describes 24 main rock climbing areas/crags and over 1,100 routes (across all grades), including a selection of the big wall routes at Monte Oddeu in Supramonte.

The guidebook covers the following 24 areas: Cala Cartoe, Margheddie, Grotta dei Colombi, Millennium, Biddiriscottai, Arcadio (Monte Irveri), Alveare, P. Serendippo (Budinetto), Placche Flintstones, Budino, La Poltrona, S'atta Ruia (Dorgali), Falesia Scheel, I Tornanti, Monte Bonacoa, Aguaplano, Ziu Martine, Codula Fuili, Cala Fuili, Noce Secca, L'ottavo Nano, Cuccuru 'e Su Carvu, Buchi Arta, and Cala Luna.

All the routes are shown on colour photo topos, with French grades along with the route length. At the start of each crag there is a general description detailing its character and a location map of how to get there.

The guidebook was re-published in March 2017 (3rd edition) and is in Italian, German and English text throughout.

Number of pages is 168
Size is 200mm x 125mm