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The Alps of Northern Italy provide many excellent rock climbing areas in particular the Dolomites with its long multi-pitch routes. However throughout the rest of Italy there are many excellent rock climbing areas that are predominately sport climbing on good quality limestone rock.

Dolomites Guidebooks. The Dolomites offer big wall multi-pitch routes up to 800m long. There is an abundance of classic routes at all grades many of which can be reached with fairly short walks from the road. In terms of length of route relative to approach time this makes the Dolomites some of the best value rock climbing in the World.

Italian Alps Valtellina (Tellina Valley) and ValChiavenna (Chiavenna Valley) offer a huge variety of rock climbing, with long multi-pitch Alpine routes, sport climbing and bouldering.  Branching off Valtellina is the Val di Mello that has world class bouldering plus 1,000s of other routes.  North of Milan is Lake Como, where around Lecco is a great range of rock climbing from single pitch sport routes to long multi-pitch routes up to 600m long that demand a mountaineering approach.

Arco and northwest Italy.  Arco at the northern edge of Lake Garda has an excellent reputation as a good quality rock climbing area, providing everything from single pitch sport routes to multi-pitch routes up to 1,400m high.  In the northeast of Italy around Trieste there are many excellent single sport climbing areas.

Northwest Italy including Finale. Finale Ligure is probably the most famous sport climbing area in Italy, with over 2,700 routes across a wide range of grades. Situated close by, near Genova, is the dramatic sea cliff climbing at Muzzerone that offers everything from single pitch routes on slabs to steep and overhanging multi-pitch routes. Further south is Tuscany, well known for its beautiful landscapes, medieval villages and its rich artistic legacy. Within this beautiful landscape there are many fantastic crags that offer a wide range of rock climbing, from single pitch sports to multi-pitch bolted routes up to 550m long on limestone rock.

Southern and Central Italy. Sicily offers the best and most diverse rock climbing in southern Italy. Just outside of the capital Palermo is Monte Pellegrino, which has everything from single pitch sports routes and multi-pitch bolted routes over 200m long. Near Trapani is the most famous seaside resort of San Vito lo Capo where a new sport climbing area has recently been developed. Nearly 4km of coastal cliffs have produced hundreds of quality limestone single pitch routes mainly in the easy to mid grades.

The southern mainland area of Italy has many climbing areas, in particularly around Naples with some fantastic sea cliff multi-pitch climbing.

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  1. South Western Europe & Morocco Rock Climbing Atlas

    South Western Europe & Morocco Rock Climbing Atlas

    This book covers the various rock climbing, sports climbing, bouldering and deep water soloing in France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Morocco, and will help you plan your next rock climbing holiday to south western Europe. A general introduction is given to each country, with lots of photographs, maps and background information, that make you want to go and climb in these countries. Published in December 2007 and in English text throughout. More Information
  2. Faces A La Mer Guidebook – Faces Above The Sea

    Faces A La Mer Guidebook – Faces Above The Sea

    This is a selective guidebook covering some of the Mediterranean’s finest rock climbs in 7 different countries. The guidebook details 113 multi-pitch routes in Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The routes chosen will suit the mid-grade climber with 27 routes from F4 to F5, 52 routes from F6a+ to F6b+, and 34 routes from F6c to F7a. In total 25 different climbing areas are covered with all the routes described in great detail. Each route is shown on a colour photo topo, along with information regarding gear required, type and style of the climbing, approach and descent information. Published in 2014 and written in French and English text throughout. More Information
  3. Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing in Europe Guidebook

    Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing in Europe Guidebook

    This coffee table style guidebook describes describing 19 of the best multi-pitch rock climbing areas in Europe. The 19 locations described are all in great setting, and are iconic places to go climbing in Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Greece. For each location there is an overall description of the style and aspect of the climbing, which coupled with personal experiences of the author and topos of iconic routes provide a great read. Published in November 2016, this book will provide great inspiration to go multi-pitch climbing in Europe, and is in English text throughout. More Information

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