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Croatia has an abundance of rock climbing all over the country, and offers everything from multi-pitch traditional routes, sports climbing (single and multi-pitch) to deep water soloing (DWS) and bouldering on glorious limestone rock.  However Paklenica is the heart of Croatian rock climbing with the 350m high face of Anica kuk providing many excellent multi-pitch sport and traditional routes.

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  1. Croatia Sport Climbing Guidebook

    Croatia Sport Climbing Guidebook – 2016 Edition

    This guidebook details all the rock climbing and sport climbing areas within Croatia, except Paklenica. It covers 70 different crags and over 3,600 routes. The guidebook covers the rock climbing around Split, Istria, Rijeka, Zagreb, and Dubrovnik. Published in July 2016, this guidebook is in Croatian, German, and English text. More Information
  2. Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing in Europe Guidebook

    Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing in Europe Guidebook

    This coffee table style guidebook describes describing 19 of the best multi-pitch rock climbing areas in Europe. The 19 locations described are all in great setting, and are iconic places to go climbing in Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Greece. For each location there is an overall description of the style and aspect of the climbing, which coupled with personal experiences of the author and topos of iconic routes provide a great read. Published in November 2016, this book will provide great inspiration to go multi-pitch climbing in Europe, and is in English text throughout. More Information
  3. Anica kuk Panoramic Map

    Anica kuk Panoramic Map

    This map gives a panoramic view of Anica kuk showing the most popular climbing routes on this famous big wall in Paklenica National Park. On the reverse there is additional information about Paklenica National Park. More Information
  4. Paklenica Rock Climbing Guidebook

    Paklenica Rock Climbing Guidebook

    This guidebook covers all the sport climbing and traditional rock climbing routes in the National Park of Paklenica in Croatia. The guidebook describes the single pitch sport routes at Klanci, and the long multi-pitch rock climbing routes at Paklenica, including the all the routes on the famous Anica kuk and Debeli kuk walls. Published in 2017 (7th Edition), all the routes are shown on colour photo topos and the text is in Croatian, German, Italian, Slovenian and English throughout. More Information
  5. Faces A La Mer Guidebook – Faces Above The Sea

    Faces A La Mer Guidebook – Faces Above The Sea

    This is a selective guidebook covering some of the Mediterranean’s finest rock climbs in 7 different countries. The guidebook details 113 multi-pitch routes in Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The routes chosen will suit the mid-grade climber with 27 routes from F4 to F5, 52 routes from F6a+ to F6b+, and 34 routes from F6c to F7a. In total 25 different climbing areas are covered with all the routes described in great detail. Each route is shown on a colour photo topo, along with information regarding gear required, type and style of the climbing, approach and descent information. Published in 2014 and written in French and English text throughout. More Information
  6. Climbing without Frontiers Rock Climbing Guidebook (Trieste, Osp and Istria)

    Climbing without Frontiers Rock Climbing Guidebook (Trieste, Osp and Istria)

    The Climbing without Frontiers guidebook covers the sport climbing in southwest Slovenia (including Osp), Trieste in Italy and Istria in Croatia. In total there are 31 different crags and in excess of 2,800 routes to choose from, across a wide range of grades that will suit climbers of all abilities. Some of the main crags covered in this guidebook are; Osp, Misja Pec, & Crni Kal in Slovenia; Napoleonica and Val Rosandra in Trieste, Italy; and Limski kanal, Dvigrad & Rovinj in Croatia. All the routes are shown on a mixture of colour photo topos and clear topo diagrams along with the route length. Published in August 2016 this guidebook is in Slovenian, Croatian, Italian, German and English text throughout. More Information
  7. South Eastern Europe Rock Climbing Atlas

    South Eastern Europe Rock Climbing Atlas

    South Eastern Europe rock climbing Atlas, which covers the rock climbing, sports climbing and bouldering crags in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, and Slovenia and gives some excellent alternatives to the usual western European rock climbing areas. A general introduction is given to each country, with lots of photographs, maps and background information, that make you want to go and climb in these countries. Published in November 2006 and in English text throughout. More Information

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