Joshua Tree Climbing Salve Skin Care, 15ml

Joshua Tree Climbing Slave Skin Care, 15ml

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  • Joshua Tree Climbing Slave Skin Care, 15ml

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Joshua Tree (JTree) Climbing Salve is a great skin care treatment for damaged hands after rock climbing.  This organic healing Salve is designed to heal skin after tough workouts and protect it from the effects of harsh natural elements. Joshua Tree climbing Salve moisturizes and promotes skin healing without softening calluses that the body produces for protection.

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve is an organic, unscented skin-healer.  It is effective in treating blown finger tips, cuts, scrapes, hanging skin flaps and all sorts of abrasions.  A major advantage of this climbing Salve is that it doesn’t soften the skin.  This is important because healthy skin callus’ are the own bodies natural protection, if they get soft and peel that is when it hurts!

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve has the following features:

  • No added scents - You can smell how potent and natural it is.

  • No skin softeners - Saves skin calluses.

  • Lush moisturizers - Fast relief from drying climbing chalk.

  • Powerful healing - Make every training day count!

Pocket size container, 15ml.

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