Slovenia Sport Climbing Guidebook

by Mark on August 24, 2015

32-August-Slovenia-Sport-Climbing-GuidebookAs well as being an excellent holiday destination with fantastic scenery and culture, Slovenia is also a great place for rock climbing and mountaineering. There are over 90 sport crags within Slovenia, with over 4,500 routes that are well bolted, and across a wide range of grades. The autumn is a perfect time to visit Slovenia to climb and as such the guidebook for the country has just been re-published after being out of print for some time now.

A single guidebook covers all the sport climbing in Slovenia, called “Slovenija Sportnoplezalni Vodnik”. Updated from the previous 2012 guidebook it now includes 93 separate rock climbing areas and details over 4,500 routes, including all the crags around Bled, Bohinj, Ljubljana, Osp, Celje and Kotecnik. Published in July 2015, this guidebook is in Slovenian, Italian, German and English text.

Buy this Slovenia Sport Climbing Guidebook for £27.95 plus P&P.

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