Slovenia Sport Climbing Guidebook

by Mark on July 10, 2017

61-July-Slovenia-Sport-Climbing-GuidebookAs well as being an excellent holiday destination with fantastic scenery and culture, Slovenia is also a great place for rock climbing and mountaineering. There are around 5,000 sport routes in Slovenia spread across 95 different crags.  These routes are generally well bolted and there is a good spread of grades, meaning there is something for everyone. The 3 main climbing areas are around Lake Bled, Osp and around Celje.

Lake Bled is situated in the north west of Slovenia within the Julian Alps, and is very picturesque.   Here there are over 550 routes at crags which are children friendly, and it makes an ideal place to combine a holiday with climbing and other activities such as walking or mountain biking.

Osp in southwest Slovenia is the undisputed centre of Slovenian climbing, attracting climbers from all over the world. The crag is a high U-shaped wall that sits above the old picturesque village of Osp, and has 270 routes across a wide range of grades. Also close by are the crags of Misja pec (200 routes) and Crni Kal (270 routes).

Celje is situated in the north east of Slovenia and the rock climbing consists of 2 major crags; Kotecnik and Kamnik. Between them there are 400 sport routes on well bolted, limestone rock.

The new Slovenia sport climbing guidebook has just been published and it includes all the crags around Bled, Bohinj, Ljubljana, Osp, Celje and Kotecnik. This guidebook is in Slovenian, Italian, German and English text.

Buy this Slovenia Sport Climbing Guidebook for £27.95 plus P&P.  

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