Siurana Rock Climbing Guidebook

by Mark on December 7, 2018

Siurana Rock Climbing Guidebook

Siurana Rock Climbing Guidebook

Siurana is located in the Sierra de Prades Mountains to the south of Barcelona.  This tiny village is situated above a beautiful canyon with stunning limestone crags in all directions.  Its position, charm and high standard quality routes make this area one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in Europe.

The style of the climbing found at Siurana features small, sharp crimps and side pulls on vertical or gently overhanging rock.  There are also plenty of pockets, as well as some incredible tufas.  The series of steep orange and grey limestone walls, slabs and overhangs produce routes that are sustained and therefore required lots of stamina.

The different sectors face East, South and West, so it is possible to climb all day long, changing sectors and chasing the sun or the shade.  The climbing area is very compact so it is common to climb in more than 1 sector during the day.  The best time of the year to climb at Siurana is from October to April.

The new Siurana rock climbing guidebook details over 1,750 routes across 70 different sectors.  There is a wide range of grades from easy F4’s right up to F9b.  All the routes are illustrated on full colour topos and the guidebook is written in Spanish and English text throughout.

Buy the new Siurana rock climbing guidebook for £27.95 plus P&P.

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