Rodellar Sport Climbing Guidebook

by Mark on July 29, 2019

Rodellar Sport Climbing Guidebook

Rodellar Sport Climbing Guidebook

Rodellar is a famous sport climbing area, well known for its huge overhangs and caves with lots of big tufas.  These steep well-bolted routes generally start around F6b, with the majority of the routes in F7a to F9a grade range.  The climbing style is powerful and athletic requiring plenty of stamina, with many of the routes finding their way out of overhanging caves, arches, roofs, tufas and pinnacles.   Short pitches of 10m to 15m do exist, but the majority of the routes are between 25m to 35m long, and there are even some 40m to 50m monster routes as well.

The new definitive Rodellar Sport Climbing Guidebook describes 44 different sectors and covers many 100’s of routes.  All the routes are shown on colour photo-topos and the guidebook is written in Spanish and English text throughout.

Spring and autumn are the optimum times to visit Rodellar to climb.  All the sectors are split into small areas either side of the gorge, meaning it is possible to climb in the sun or shade depending upon the time of day.

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