New 2018 Edition of the Mello Boulder Guidebook

by Mark on September 20, 2018

Mello Bouldering GuidebookMello is an iconic place to go bouldering with perfect granite rock, where thousands of boulders litter the valley floor.  These boulders are situated in lush alpine meadows and shaded woodlands, and provide a good range of problems across all grades that generally have good landings.

Partly thanks to the annual Melloblocco festival, which is held every spring, the whole area is home to some world class bouldering, with new areas and problems being constantly developed.  Mello is home to thousands of problems across the grade range with many lines graded 6a or easier, and everything above including an incredible number of problems in the 7b to 8b range.

The boulders come in all shapes and sizes, requiring different technics and styles.  There are overhangs that sometimes require a quickly executed dyno; rounded arêtes where careful balance and a wise distribution of personal strength will be successful; while steep faces are ascended via white crystals.

A new edition of the Mello Boulder Guidebook has just been published.  It covers 37 different bouldering areas in the Masino Valley area including Val di Mello, Valle dei Bagni, and Piana del Remenno. In total around 2,500 problems are described, of which 300 are new.  There is something for everyone, from beginners through to the top end boulderers.

Buy the Mello Bouldering Guidebook for only £32.95 plus P&P.

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