Malopasso Rock Climbing Guidebook for the Amalfi Coast

by Mark on November 26, 2012

Malopasso Rock Climbing Guidebook for the Amalfi Coast

Malopasso Rock Climbing Guidebook for the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking to go rock climbing around Naples, then the Malopasso rock climbing guidebook is just what you need.  With its warm winter climate and the ability to climb straight off the beach, this area is a perfect winter sun rock climbing holiday. Buy the Malopasso guidebook from our shop.  A brief description of this guidebook is as follows:

Malopasso is the definitive guidebook describing the rock climbing and sport climbing in the Amalfi coast.  The Amalfi Coast is located on the southern coastline of the Sorrento Peninsula, just south of Naples (Napoli), in the Campania region of Italy. This area is a popular tourist destination and an area of outstanding beauty that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The vast majority of the routes are single pitch sport routes though there are some multi-pitch routes as well.  The area has a classic Mediterranean climate making climbing enjoyable from autumn through the winter and into spring.  The climbing is generally at a low altitude with some routes straight off the beach.

At the start of each area there is a good location map, information how to get there, and a general description of the climbing.  Further information is given regarding the altitude, which direction the crag faces, how good the bolts are, popularity, and ease of parking.  All the routes are shown on colour topos with French grades.  For the multi-pitch routes the amount of fixed protection varies and this is detailed along with a description of each pitch, and the descent.

Published in July 2008 by Versante Sud this guidebook is written in Italian and English throughout.

Number of pages is 184.
Size is 150mm x 210mm (A5 format).

Buy the Malopasso guidebook from our shop.

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