Mallorca Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing Guidebook by Rockfax

by Mark on January 19, 2016

39-January-Mallorca-RockfaxThe new edition of the Mallorca Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing Guidebook has just been published by Rockfax.

The island of Mallorca has for a long time established itself as one of Europe’s premier sport climbing and Deep Water Soling (DWS) destinations. The type and style of the rock climbing found at Mallorca has something for everyone from slabby walls, evil overhangs, juggy tuffas, roofs, and cracks.  Add to this a fine climate, a well-established tourist trade plus friendly locals and you have an ideal destination for the travelling climber.  One of the great attractions of a climbing trip to Mallorca is the island’s compact size and good network of roads, which allow all of the crags to be visited from any of the host of accommodation options.

This new guidebook covers 34 sport crags and nearly 1,500 sport routes across a wide range of grades, from F3 to F9a+. The majority of the sport crags are in the north and west of the island and include Puig de Garrafa, S’estret, Sa Gubia, Caimari, and Fraguel amongst others.  In addition 16 Deep Water Soloing crags are described and include nearly 400 routes.  These crags are generally located in the south of the island and include Cala Serena, Porto Cristo and Cala Barques amongst others.

Published by Rockfax in January 2016, all the routes are shown in full colour photo-topos with a short description. This new guidebook includes 5 major new sport crags and 4 new Deep Water Soloing crags when compared to the old 2011 guidebook.

Buy the Mallorca Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing Guidebook for £29.95 plus P&P.

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