4,000m Peaks of the Alps Guidebook

by Mark on July 20, 2015

31-July-4000m-Peaks-GuidebookIn the Western Alps, 4,000m represents a symbolic altitude with Gaston Rebuffat once commenting, “… at 4,000 metres the air has a unique flavour”. These 4,000m peaks are the “roof” of the Alps and were first climbed during the Golden Age of Alpine pioneering of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

This 4000m Peaks of the Alps guidebook details routes on all 82 of the 4,000m peaks, with each route described across 3 to 4 pages. This means there is a great deal of information for each route that includes; a general description; approach information, route description, descent information; what equipment is essential; favourable weather conditions; support bases such as huts or bivouacs; and a colour photo topo. For the huts contact information is provided including websites and email addresses.

Published in June 2015 this guidebook is in English text throughout. It is aimed at the summer mountaineering season from end of May through to mid-September.

Buy this 4,000m Peaks of the Alps Guidebook for £26.95 plus P&P.

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