France East Roc 2 Guidebook

by Mark on April 3, 2019

France East Roc 2 Guidebook

France East Roc 2 Guidebook

All along eastern France there are many excellent sport climbing areas that provide great places to go rock climbing for the weekend.  This new France East Roc 2 guidebook is the perfect companion to make this a reality.  It describes the best 250 crags that will appeal to climbers looking for a nice climbing location, with a good range of routes at all levels, fun picnic possibilities, and nearby pleasant campsites.

The guidebook is split into 7 large areas that climbers would visit for a weekend.  Each of these areas has an excellent overview map along with a table of the crags covered. This table details the number of routes at each grade, drying times, amount of shade, style of climbing, plus proximity to campsites and supermarkets.

In total the guidebook describes over 12,000 sport routes from F3a to F8c+.  There are:

  • 1,391 routes up to F4
  • 2,389 routes from F5a to F5c
  • 3,486 routes from F6a to 6b+
  • 2,847 routes from F6c to F7a+
  • 1,413 routes from F7b to F7c+
  • 537 routes from F8a to F8c+

The 7 main areas are as follows:

  1. Ardennes and Champagne regions near the cities of Nancy and Reims.
  2. Northern Vosges region near the city of Strasbourg.
  3. Southern Vosges and Haut Doubs regions near the cities of Belfort, Epinal and Selestat.
  4. Southern Jura region, near the cities of Besancon and Lons-le-Saunier.
  5. Bugey, Bourget and Bauges regions near the towns of Annecy and Chambery
  6. Haute Savoie and Aravis regions near Chamonix.
  7. Savoie, Tarantaise and Maurienne regions near the towns of Albertville and Val d’Isere.

Buy this France East Roc 2 Guidebook for £34.95 plus P&P. 

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Eastern Slovakia Rock Climbing Guidebook

by Mark on March 11, 2019

Eastern Slovakia Rock Climbing Guidebook

Eastern Slovakia Rock Climbing Guidebook

Looking for a sport climbing holiday with a difference this year?  If so then Eastern Slovakia could prove to be the answer, especially those that like exploring new countries.  The climbing here is based around the cities of Kosice and Presov, where there are 16 main crags, offering over 1,200 routes across a wide range of grades.  The area is dominated by a number of large crags in particular the Zádielska Dolina valley, Dreveník, and Turniská.

The Zádielska Dolina valley, simply known as Zadiel is the best and most beautiful climbing area in eastern Slovakia.  It is probably the most extensive sport climbing area in Slovakia with amazing limestone crags and beautiful scenery.  This gorge runs north to south with numerous crags facing different directions.  There are around 400 single and multi-pitch routes (up to 80m high) with the majority of the routes in the F5c to F7c grade range.

There are over 150 routes at Dreveník with more than 100 of these in the F4 to F6a grade range, making it the most extensive crag in Slovakia for those looking to climb in the lower to mid grades. This historical location is actually a travertine hill complete with a castle, and it is an ideal place for families with kids thanks to its wonderful atmosphere and comfortable access.

Turniská is one of the most diverse climbing areas of the Eastern Slovakia, with walls facing a variety of directions and there is a mixture of limestone and conglomerate rock.  There are more than 150 routes here across a wide range of grades, with one of the sectors situated in cave proving many excellent routes graded F7b and above.

Buy the Slovakia Rock Climbing Guidebook for £29.95 plus P&P.  It includes 16 crags in Slovakia, plus 1 crag in Hungary and is in English and Slovakian text throughout.

Find out more about sport climbing in Eastern Slovakia.

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