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Walking around Medvednica Nature Park near Zagreb

The meadows and forests of Medvednica Nature Park are only a half hour drive from Zagreb, and it is covered with beech, chestnut and oak trees along with a wide variety of flowers. Medvednica Nature Park has a large network of well-marked hiking paths that criss-cross the park to suit walkers of all levels.  These range from easy routes with information boards to more demanding routes suitable for mountaineers.  The highest point of Medvednica Nature Park is Mount Sljeme at 1,033m high, with Kameni Svatovi also a significant peak at 485m high.

Medvednica Nature Park has many places of interest with the ruins of Medvedgrad being the most popular.  This fort was built in the 13th century on the southwest slopes of Medvednica and is only a half hours walk from the edge of the city.  Its elevated position provides spectacular views of Zagreb.  Situated in the northeast part of the park is another fort called Zelingrad near the town of Zelina.

Walking map (01a) for the northeast part of Medvednica Nature ParkThere are other hidden attractions within Medvednica, and these include ravines, caves, waterfalls, old mine shafts and small picturesque churches.  Situated around the peak of Sljeme are numerous mountain lodges where walkers and hikers can rest and buy refreshments.

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The best time to going walking in Medvednica Nature Park is from the spring through to the autumn, when the weather is generally dry and warm.  In the winter there is often snow and the area becomes a ski resort with ski lifts on the northern slopes of Mount Sljeme providing various ski runs.

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Map of Medvednica Nature Park near Zagreb

Map of Medvednica Nature Park near Zagreb
Medvedgrad fort on the southwest slopes of Medvednica

Walking map (01) for the southwest part of Medvednica Nature Park

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