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Rock Climbing in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and it also offers the most extensive and best rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering of the area.  The dormant volcanic mountain of Mount Teide (3718m high) dominates the rugged landscape of Tenerife.  This volcano produced a reddish volcanic ignibrite rock that is common throughout all the climbing areas on the island.  This rock is peppered with many pockets and the occasional cracks.  Whilst the majority of the climbing on Tenerife is sport climbing there are many lines and sections of crags that are also Trad climbing routes, so do bring your rack to enjoy the full Tenerife rock climbing experience.

Rocking climbing areas in Tenerife

New No Region Style of climbing No of routes 3 to 5+ 6a to 6c+ 7a & over
1 Canada del Capricho Sport/Bouldering 128 20 75 33
2 Guaria Sport/Trad 86 3 49 34
3 Las Vegas Sport/Trad 61 Not Known
4 Zona Zero Sport 16 0 8 8
5 El Rio Sport/Trad 74 5 33 36
6 Arica Sport/Bouldering 220 22 106 92
7 El Hoyo Sport 45 5 34 6
8 Arico Nuevo Bouldering Not applicable
9 El Poris Bouldering Not applicable
10 La Galeria Sport 19 1 7 11
11 Tabares Sport/Trad 31 5 17 9
12 Tejina Sport No info 50 Not known
13 Santa Ursula Sport 33 4 17 12
14 Martianez Sport 32 3 13 16
15 San Marcos Sport/Bouldering 47 7 24 16

Map of the rock climbing areas in Tenerife

Map of the rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering areas in Tenerife Rock climbing and sport climbing in Gran Canaria

The above information has been extracted from the Tenerife Rock Climbing Guidebook that can be bought from our shop.

The largest climbing area in Tenerife is in the south of island at Arico.  Here there are over 250 single pitch sport climbing routes, across a wide range of grades, plus some extensive bouldering.  The climbing is on both sides of a valley and therefore offers some shade throughout the day.

La Canada del Capricho (also known as Las Canadas) is situated at 2000m in the beautiful landscape of Mount Teide National Park.  This was the first rock climbing area to be developed in Tenerife and the altitude makes its climate similar to that of high mountain areas.  The majority of the routes are sport routes with the occasional Trad line.  The area is a series of outcrops with many towers and faces offering powerful overhangs and delicate slabs, where you can find sun or shade throughout the day.  It is also the best location on Tenerife for bouldering with problems across a wide range of grades all over the area.

Guaria (Guía de Isora) is in the west of the island and with around 100 routes and is the third largest climbing area in Tenerife.  However it is also the tallest crag with a number of multi-pitch routes. Due to its height this area has the highest concentration of Trad routes, though some of the sport routes are up to 35m long and require plenty of stamina.  The crag is south facing and hence is warm – perfect for those sunny November days.

I didn’t know that.

  • You can hire a bouldering mat at Roxtar, Tenerife’s largest climbing shop, located in Arico.  The shop offers all the usual climbing equipment for sale and offers competitive rates for hiring bouldering mats, ideal for keeping the weight down when flying and hence the cost.
  • Gone on holiday with your family and don’t have a climbing partner?  Then head for Arico where there are always climbers, especially at weekends, who will be happy for you to join in with.  Just pack your harness and boots.
  • The Tenerife Climbing House offers great accommodation for climbers, run by climbers, located in Arico. They also run a climbing school where you can hire a guide.

Tenerife weather and climate

The weather on Tenerife offers a constant warm climate that attracts visitors to the island throughout the year.  In fact Tenerife features the lowest temperature 'difference' between summer and winter for anywhere in the world.  All year round the fresh trade winds keep the island warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which means the temperature only varies between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.  Therefore Tenerife is an excellent location for some winter sun and rock climbing with the best time to visit anywhere between October and May, though it is possible to climb throughout the year.
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Walking on Tenerife

Tenerife Hiker’s MapThere is a great range of walking and hiking opportunities on Tenerife to suit walkers of all abilities.  There is a rich diversity of scenery and landscape that is ultimately dominated by the dormant volcano of Mount Teide at 3,718m high.  Hence the range of walking and hiking is huge with the main highlights being:

  • The centre of the island is a high altitude plateau at around 2,000m high, known as Las Canadas and is a National Park.  This rugged “lunar” landscape has a whole network of paths, including routes up to the top of Mount Teide
  • The north-east offers wild beauty, tiny hamlets, soaring peaks and plunging gorges, mainly covered by forests.
  • In the North there are walks through pine forests and along forest tracks and walking trails, with fine views in clear weather.
  • In the south there are forest walks, mountains, gorges, small villages, and untouched wild countryside.
  • The west offers mountain routes and rugged country walks.

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Rock climbing and sport climbing guidebook for Tenerife

The Tenerife Rock Climbing Guidebook describes the sport climbing and bouldering at 13 areas in Tenerife, including Arico, La Canada del Capricho and Guaria. 

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