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Rock climbing in the Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees Mountains form a natural border between Spain and France and in the foothills of these mountains there are many excellent sport climbing, rock climbing and bouldering areas. Generally the rock here is usually very good and well bolted.

The majority of the crags offer single pitch sport routes though there many impressive crags that provides multi-pitch climbing, such as Terradets (up to 500m high), Riglos (up to 300m high), Montrebei (up to 550m high) and Cavallers (up to 120m high). It should be noted that while some of these multi-pitch routes are bolted, some are only semi-equipped, so you will need some traditional gear such as nuts and cams. This is particularly true at Montrebei where there is very little fixed gear. All of the crags are limestone with the exception of Riglos crag, which is conglomerate rock, Cavallers crag, which is granite, and Targasonne crag, which offers granite bouldering.

Many of the single pitch crags can be described as "steep endurance climbing areas" typified by Rodellar, where it is necessary to be comfortably climbing F6c+ and above to get the best out of the crag. However not all of the crags are steep and there are enough crags that have a good range of grades, such as Cavallers and Montgrony, to enjoy many weeks of climbing!

The granite bouldering at Targasonne just across the border in France is at an altitude of over 1,600m. These granite boulders offer a good range of problems across all grades and are generally between 3m and 4m tall.

Map of the rock climbing areas in the Pyrenees and around Barcelona

Map of the rock climbing areas in the Pyrenees and around Barcelona Rock climbing and sport climbing in Montserrat Rock climbing at Riglos

Rock Climbing Areas in the Pyrenees

No Crag Type of climbing No of routes Grade Range Popular Grades
1 Sadernes Sport 153 4 to 8c+ 6b to 7b
2 Montgrony Sport 207 3 to 8c 6b to 8a
3 Targasonne Bouldering 421 Fb 3b to 8b Fb 4a to 6c
4 Sinsat Sport 127 3c to 8a 5c to 6c
5 Superpene/Pene Haute Sport 213 3c to 8c 5c to 8a
6 Cavallers Sport 220 4- to 8a 5c to 7b
7 Rodellar Sport 315 5 to 8c+ 7a to 8a
8 Alquezar Sport 83 6a to 8c+ 7a to 8a
9 San Llorenc de Montgal Sport 72 5c to 8b+ 7c to 8a
10 Tartareu Sport 190 5c to 8b 5c to 6c
11 Santa Linya Sport 69 5+ to 9a+ 7c to 8c
12 Camarasa Sport 114 4 to 8b 5c to 6c
13 Terradets/Bruixes Sport 85 6b+ to 9a+ 7c to 8a
14 Montrebei Trad 276 N/N 6a to 7b
15 Riglos Sport/Trad 500+ 4 to 8b+ 6a to 7c

Spanish Pyrenees Climbing Guidebooks

Lleida Climbs describes selected sport climbs in the Catalunya province of Lleida"Lleida Climbs Guidebook" describes a selected number of sport climbs in the province of Lleida to the west of Barcelona and stretching into the Pyrenees. In total 21 separate rock climbing areas are documented detailing nearly 1,900 routes across a wide range of grades. The style of climbing covered is huge ranging from; the well-known sandstone bouldering at El Cogul; single and multi-pitch sport routes up to 250m long on excellent limestone rock at places such as Terradets, Santa Linya, Tartareu, and Vilanova de Mela; to the granite slabs and steep faces at Cavallers. Buy this guidebook from our shop.

Roca Espana Pyrenees” is a selective guidebook covering 70 different crags across the Spanish Pyrenees.  It includes all the main sport crags around Lleida, plus amongst others Sadernes, Montgrony, Cavallers, Rodellar, Alquezar, and Riglos. Buy this guidebook from our shop.

Montgrony Rock Climbing GuidebookMontgrony Rock Climbing Guidebook” is a selective guidebook describing the sport climbing at Montgrony and 9 other crags near Ripoll and Berga in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees.  In total the guidebook describes over 500 sport routes across a wide range of grades though the majority of the routes are between F6a and F8a. Buy this guidebook from our shop.

Montrebei Rock Climbing Guidebook” describes the adventurous multi-pitch Trad climbing at Montrebei near El Pont de Suert. The guidebook covers near 300 multi-pitch routes that are generally between 150m and 400m high, though some of the longest routes are 550m high. Buy this guidebook from our shop.

When is the best time to visit the Pyrenees?

If you choose your crag and/or sector appropriately it is possible to rock climb in the Pyrenees throughout the year. However the best time of the year to go rock climbing in the Spanish Pyrenees is definitely either in the spring or the autumn.

Walking in the Spanish PyreneesThe Spanish Pyrenees are also an excellent place to go hill walking and mountaineering with many long distance paths and National Parks.  Find information about the GR11 long distance path and various National Parks in the Pyrenees.

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Montrebei multi-pitch rock climbing guidebook

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Montrebei Rock Climbing Guidebook from our shop.

Lleida Climbs describes selected sport climbs in the Catalunya province of Lleida

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