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Menorca rock climbing

Menorca (sometimes known as Minorca) is a picturesque island in the Mediterranean near Mallorca, which is best known for its sandy beaches.  The majority of the rock climbing in Menorca is located to the south of the island near the capital Mao (Mahon).  The style of climbing is mostly single pitch sport routes on limestone rock. Many of these routes are on sea cliffs, some of which require an abseil approach. The largest crag nearest to Mao is Sotil.

However the largest crag on the island is Cavalleria.  The crag is located in the north of the island, and again it is all about sea cliff climbing.  There are 6 sectors offering a good variety of climbing across all grades, including some 2-pich routes.  Cavalleria crag is a good location depending upon whether you seek the sun or shade as the various sectors face many different directions.

Menorca sport climbing guidebookThe Menorca sport climbing guidebook describes 189 routes at 8 different crags including Cavalleria and Sotil.  Buy this guidebook from our shop.

Menorca is an ideal place to include a few days rock climbing as part of your general holiday.  The best time to visit to climb is in the spring and autumn time, though it is possible to find shade in the summer. Buy the Menorca walking map from our shop.

Map of the rock climbing areas in Menorca

Map of the rock climbing areas in Menorca

Rock climbing areas in Menorca

No Crag Aspect Total No. of Routes
1 Sotil SE & E 49
2 Rafalet S & SE 17
3 Cales Coves SW & E 16
4 Cala En Porter S 13
5 Son Bou S 10
6 Llucalari S, SE & E 17
7 Penya de S'Indi NW, N, & E 8
8 Cavalleria All 59

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