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Rock climbing around Napoli

Around Napoli is some of Italy’s best sea cliff rock climbing areas that are ideal for a winter sun rock climbing holiday.  The area has a classic Mediterranean climate making climbing enjoyable from autumn through the winter and into the spring. 

To the south of Napoli is the Amalfi Coast that is in the Campania region of Italy, whilst to the north of Napoli is the stunning coast line from the Circeo Cape to Gaeta that also includes Sperlonga.  These climbing areas are shown on the map opposite.

Rock climbing on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination, which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This peninsula to the south of Napoli is an area of outstanding beauty with mountains that fall into the sea.  There are many rock climbing areas within these mountains along with some stunning sea cliff rock climbing, where some routes are straight off the beach. The largest concentration of sea cliff climbing is around the town of Positano, where there are 7 main crags.

Map of the rock climbing areas around Napoli

Map of the rock climbing areas around Napoli

The Gaeta, Circeo, Leano, Sperlonga and Moneta rock climbing guidebookThe vast majority of the routes on the Amalfi coast are single pitch sport routes though there are some multi-pitch routes as well.  There is a good spread of grades with the majority of the routes in the F6a to F7c grade range on good quality limestone rock. 

Rock climbing around Sperlonga

To the north of Napoli is a stunning coast line around 18km long that stretches from the Circeo Cape, past Sperlonga and on to Gaeta.  This area is all about adventurous multi-pitch rock climbing above the sea at its best on limestone rock.  Generally the routes are up to 200m long with most routes fairly well bolted, though some traditional gear will also be required. 

What rock climbing guidebooks are available for Napoli?

The Costa d’Amalfi guidebook covers the Amalfi Coast and Sperlonga near NapoliThe Malopasso rock climbing guidebook is the comprehensive guidebook for all the sport climbing on the Amalfi coast, Positano, Cilento National Park, and Palinuro. In total 50 separate climbing areas are described and it is available to buy from our shop.

The Gaeta, Circeo, Leano, Sperlonga and Moneta rock climbing guidebook describes the best 192 multi-pitch routes in the Sperlonga area.  The routes in this guidebook are a mixture of bolted and traditionally protected multi-pitch routes.  Buy this guidebook from our shop.

The sport climbing on the Costa d’Amalfi guidebook is a selective guidebook covering the sport climbing found around Napoli.  The guidebook covers the sport routes around Amalfi and Positano just south of Napoli, Sperlonga to the north of Napoli, and Palinuro that is 200km south of Napoli. Buy this guidebook from our shop.


The Malopasso rock climbing guidebook for the Amalfi Coast near Napoli

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