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Rock climbing around Corti including Restonica

The Gorges de la Restonica is at the heart of rock climbing and bouldering in Corsica.  The Restonica valley runs southwest of Corti (Corte) and is surrounded by stunning granite peaks or gorges. This beautiful valley is one of the most scenic valleys in Corsica, with a raging river and charming mountain lakes.

Falaises de Corse guidebook - sport climbing in CorsicaThe rock climbing within the Restonica valley stretches for over 10km, with crags on both side of the valley that are low lying as well as high up the mountains. The first crags appear within 1.5km from the centre of Corti, and these tend to be single pitch sport routes.  Travelling further down the valley there are many multi-pitch routes ranging from 200m to 400m long as well as single pitch routes.  Some of these routes are at an altitude of 2,000m and have an Alpine feel to them.

Restonica has many 100’s of routes offering a good mixture of climbing styles from; big slabs; technical vertical walls with cracks and corners; to overhangs and roofs. There is also a great range of grades from F4 up to F8b, with a good quantity of routes in the F5 to F7 range. The sheer quantity of rock here also means there is great potential for developing new routes. 

Grandes Voies de Corse guidebook - Traditional multi-pitch climbing in CorsicaThe vast majority of the routes at Restonica are bolted and tend to be either 1 or 2 pitches long.  These sport routes are covered in the Falaises de Corse guidebook.  Many of the longer multi-pitch routes are trad routes requiring cams and nuts with hardly any bolts.  The Grandes Voies de Corse guidebook (Traditional multi-pitch climbing in Corsica) covers a selection of the more popular multi-pitch Alpine style routes at Restonica.

Restonica is also home to one of the largest bouldering areas in Corsica, with boulders spread throughout the Valley.  All the bouldering at Restonica is covered in the Corsica Bloc bouldering guidebook.

Corsica Bloc bouldering guidebookAround Francardu (only 20 minutes from Corti) there are a series of limestone bolted crags. Here the rock climbing is mainly single pitch, with the majority of the grades from F6b upwards.

The best time to climb at Restonica is in the late spring/early summer or the autumn.  As the crags are on both sides on the valley, they face numerous directions so the sun or shade can always be found depending upon your requirements.

Map of the rock climbing and bouldering areas around Corti in Central Corsica

Map of the rock climbing and bouldering areas around Corti in Central Corsica

List of rock climbing areas around Corti in Central Corsica

No Crag Rock Type Climbing Style
1 Pietralba Granite Sport Climbing
2 Ascu Granite Sport Climbing
3 Cuccia Granite Sport Climbing
4 Verghju Granite Sport Climbing
5 Francardu Limestone Sport Climbing
6 Capuralinu Limestone Sport Climbing
7 Restonica Granite Sport Climbing, Trad Mulit-Pitch and Bouldering
8 Verghellu Granite Sport Climbing
9 Venaco Granite Bouldering
10 Vecchio Granite Bouldering
none none none none

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These photographs show some of the excellent rock climbing to be found around Corti and the Restonica Valley. All photographs are by Dave Pickford.


Falaises de Corse guidebook - sport climbing in Corsica

The Falaises de Corse guidebook details all the sport climbing on the island of Corsica, including Corti.

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